Maxie Becomes 18

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(Retroposted based on my journal)
July 18
We left Santorini for 2 days to go to Ios. At Ios, we took the shuttle to the camp ground called Far Out, which is a massive campground with an estimated population of 300, mostly Australian. Ios was a constant party. When we arrived there was partying, when we slept there was partying, when we woke up, we were on the beach. It is about a 30 minute walk from one edge of the peopled part of the island to the other.
Maxie turned 18 while we were on Ios, and we celebrated with an amazing meal of seafood at the end of the beach with an awesome bunch of friends which you would just have to meet to understand. I tried mussels, and squid head, both of which I liked. Down town there was a bunch of guys jamming on guitars in the middle of the square singing English songs in broken English. They played some Marley which got everyone in the square singing.

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