Hania, London and Home

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We got to Hania with no where to go and nothing to do, so we walked around with our backpacks. I ate snails in the market, and we cruised around the tourists shops until an old man told us directions to the bus stop, which turned out to be directions to the beach and that was just fine with us. We ended up staying at a hostel and then cruising around Hania more the next day until we flew back to London. After sleeping in Gatwick airport again we hit up the museums of London. We ended up spending much of our day in a Chinese restaurant sipping tea and watching the rain, which was perfect given our exhausted state. I got my fill of Laksa, and coke made with real sugar, and we made our way to Heathrow to sleep. After waking up to friendly policemen, we checked in and flew Heathrow-Boston-Cincinatti-Phoenix flawlessly, where we were picked up by Maxie's lovely sister Molly, and fed Watermelon Eegees.

After all this traveling I only managed to loose a camera, some headphones, a hat, some shorts, my sunglasses. All i can do is hope that someone is using these things. Now I am relaxing very effectively in my dad's house cooking good food (although too much usually), reading, sleeping, mending, preparing, jamming, recovering, and cleaning hermit style.
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