Finally in London

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It took a long long time to get in London, where we A) aren't supposed to be and B) are surrounded by the trickiness of finding a place to sleep while Wimbledon is going on. We have found a place to sleep, but it is not ideal.
The trip here was a mess. Our first plane landed in Cincinatti not Detroit, which caused us to miss our flight to London. when we finally did make it to Detroit, it was too late to go anywhere so they put us up in a hotel. The next day we were sent to Boston where we hung out for a while before finally trying to leave for London. Our plane here was delayed systematically by the different problems before we could finally go anywhere.
Now in London we intend to drink tea, ride trains and buses, and poach this Killers concert going on somewhere, we just have to find it.
Maybe one day, if we are lucky, we will find our way to Sicilia.

These pictures, and all other pictures from the trip, come from Maxie's (and some of mine from her camera) lovely photography because my camera didn't make it.

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